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What is a Normal Cycle? Do you ever wonder why your best friend has a regular menstrual cycle while yours is unpredictable? And why does everyone think a cycle should be 28 days when yours takes 32? Or 25? What is a normal period, anyway? The answer is that everyone’s cycle is unique, and sequential […]

Which Vitamins are Vital? Good nutrition is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, hormonal birth control (the oral contraceptive pill, IUD, injection or patch) can cause deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Even months after coming off birth control this may affect your ability to conceive and maintain a thriving pregnancy. Some of the more common […]

What is O3? Oxygen (O2) is essential for life. We all know the element of oxygen is essential for the formation of water, it’s also a vital nutrient taken in by our blood supporting life to our tissues and in spiritual circles is referred to as the element of Love. Oxygen supports the love of […]

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