Protect Heavy Machinery from Fire Hazards

ACAF Systems have a new suppression system which is a new technologically advanced single-agent, dual-action compressed air foam (CAF) – CAF mist fire suppression system developed to address vehicle engine compartment fire suppression applications in heavy duty mobile equipment. Through the use of a single control device, the system delivers both CAF and CAF mist to the fire through separate nozzles that are positioned to deliver foam and foam-mist in one integrated stream.

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Floating Roof Tank Fire Suppression

The ACAF Systems rim seal systems components are fully tested and evaluated and have received FM Approvals for the meeting and/or exceeding the requirements of extinguishing and suppressing hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. The system utilized Solberg RE-HEALING Foam Concentrate in 6% concentration. When utilized with the unique CAF delivery equipment, the CAF is delivered to the fire at a 13 to 1 expansion ratio.

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FM Approved Helideck Application

Specific to the heliport issue, the systems are approved to extinguish Class B hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent fires with an application rate of 0.045 gpm/ft2, which is significantly less than the application rate of 0.10 gpm/ft2 specified in NFPA 409 & NFPA 418. The delivery system combined with the CAF formulation has significantly increased the fire suppression capability of the foam system compared to the history of the equipment used in the past decades.

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ACAF FM Approved

ACAF Fixed Water Supply System receives Factory Mutual (FM) Approval Automatic CAF, pre-engineered fire suppression systems are available in both Self-Contained (SC) and Fixed Water Supply (FW) design. Both are FM Approved for Special Application Fire Protection. According to COO, David Munroe, “The Automatic CAF Fixed Pipe Spray System is perfect for fire protection of

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