SOT Therapy

Supportive Oligonucleotide (SOT) Therapy is a groundbreaking treatment for chronic infections, including the bacteria that causes Lyme disease and associated co-infections. SOT is a way of educating our cells to be more efficient at finding these infections, which can hide from the immune system.

Essentially SOT creates a shutoff “key” fitting a “lock” portion of a pathogen. The “lock” is a specific section of DNA controlling an important function of the pathogen. The “key” binds to the “lock,” thus blocking this function. This prevents the bacteria from making essential proteins, thereby shutting off bacterial replication. Unable to replicate, the bacteria are unable to cause disease.

Whereas most therapies have a short half-life, such as antibiotics or herbals, SOT compound travels to several specific microbial targets, fighting the infection 24/7 for three to six months.

Benefits of SOT therapy

  • Highly individualized treatment with specific active targets for the person receiving treatment.
  • Does not change our genetic structure, it only changes specific pro-inflammatory gene expression.
  • Has the ability to go un-noticed by the body, impacting its specific target.
  • Remains active in the blood stream for approximately 14-26 weeks (maybe longer) per dose
  • Works 24/7 and has no decreased efficacy with any concurrent technique except chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • Can be used for cancer, viruses, and tick-borne infections

A confirmation of infection through recognized US labs within 6 months prior to ordering SOT is sufficient to start therapy. Blood is then drawn and sent to RGCC to prepare the SOT treatment. 

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