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If it’s difficult to make it into the office to get refills for your supplements, you can have them shipped directly to your home. Please click on the suppliers below to place your order.

If you do not find your product’s brand below, check Fullscript as they carry several brands. If the company associated with the supplement you require is not listed, please contact our office to check availability.

If you are currently taking Byron White Formulas and/or Dessert Biologics Homeopathic Remedies, please contact our office to place your order.

Return Policy

Supplements can be returned for a full refund to within 14-days of purchase, depending on the following criteria:

  1. The supplement has not been opened/used
  2. The supplement is not past expired
  3. We have proof-of-purchase
  4. The patient experiences an adverse effect after taking the supplement

Due to possible heat induced damage to products we will not mail out refrigerated items from the months of May-September.  We do not accept returns of refrigerated items.

Use the links below to order your supplements

Looking for Wellevate? They are now part of Fullscript!

ApexEntergetics Ordering
Xymogen Supplements
LymeCore Botanicals Ordering
Researched Nutritionals Ordering

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